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Have a bonfire with us!


One beach party includes the fire pit, 2 bundles of firewood and the necessary bonfire permit for $300. We take care of all of the set up and clean up so that you don't have to. Set-up is as early as 5pm and clean-up is around 11pm. Feel free to bring your own supplies, however we do offer additional items!


  • Beach Chairs: $10/chair
  • Umbrellas: $10/umbrella
  • Table: $10/table
  • Tiki Torches: $5/torch
  • Cooler with Ice: $20/cooler
  • Case of water: $5/case
  • Can Jam, Ladder Ball, Spike Ball, Whiffle Ball, Paddle Ball: $10/game


  • Email your inquiry to
    • Include name, date requested, street requested, and services requested
    • Please allow at least 48 hours for us to provide a response. We have anywhere from 1-5 bonfires every night!
    • Please note that Town Hall is closed on weekends and holidays, so if you make a request on Friday, you may not hear back from us until Monday or Tuesday.
    • To limit confusion, do not stray from the email chain once you have made a request
You may pay in person in cash or right here on our website. Online payment can be made at the bottom of our home screen. We ask for a deposit at the time of booking to secure your desired permit/date.
  • If you purchase your bonfire permit on your own, your standard bonfire fee drops to $200
  • Do not make payments until you have a bonfire scheduled
  • We are not able to provide services on holiday weekends
  • Add-ons need to be ordered 2 days before your fire at the latest. Add-ons cannot be requested same-day


  • To limit confusion on our end, please do not contact the surf shop with questions. If you have any questions same-day, please email on your original email chain. All scheduling is done through email only. We have multiple fires every night, so please be kind when reaching out to us!
  • Do not kick sand/cover your fire at the end of the night. If you bury your fire, you will incur an extra charge from us
  • Do not throw anything into the fire that will not burn down completely
  • We are responsible for cleaning up your fire and any services/add-ons we provided. We are NOT responsible for cleaning up any mess you make on the beach regarding trash. If you leave trash on the beach, you will incur an extra fee from us.
  • We ask that you provide a $100 deposit at the time of scheduling to hold your preferred spot. You have until 24 hours prior to the event to cancel for a full refund.
  • You will not receive your deposit back if you do not show up or try to cancel on the same day.
  • In the event of rain, we can offer a refund or a reschedule.
  • If you pay by card and end up needing a refund for whatever reason, we will have to take a small percentage of 5% for card processing fees.