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Bonfire Services

When you hire Dewey Beach Surf Shop for your Bonfire, all of the set-up and clean up is taken care of.

Seriously- we do everything so that all you have to do is show up!

One standard bonfire is $300 and includes

  • The required bonfire permit (specific to the street AND the date within the town limits of Dewey Beach)

  • The required event permit (specific to the street AND the date within the town limits of Dewey Beach)
  • Fire pit

  • 2 bundles of fire wood (enough to burn all night!)

  • Set up and clean up service

Additional items that we offer

  • Beach Chairs: $15/chair

  • Umbrellas: $10/umbrella

  • Tables: $10/table

  • Cooler with Ice: $20/cooler

  • Case of water: $10/case

  • Can Jam, Spike Ball, Whiffle Ball, Paddle Ball: $10/game

Ready to book? Please read through this page and email your inquiry to deweybeachsurfshop302@gmail.com

Important things to include in your email inquiry...

  • A name for your reservation
  • The date you desire (and a rain date if applicable)
  • The street you desire and if you are flexible with switching streets
  • The estimated number of people in attendance for your bonfire
  • A good contact phone number for you

Following your inquiry...

    • Please do not make any payments until Dewey Beach Surf Shop has confirmed your bonfire via email! Random payments will be refunded minus our transaction fee of 5%.
    • We require a deposit payment of $150 at the time of booking to hold your desired reservation. Full payment is due no later than 48 hours in advance of your bonfire.
    • Add-ons need to be ordered 48 hours in advance of your fire at the latest. Requesting add-ons via email does not add them to your booking. Add-ons cannot be requested same-day!
    • Do not stray from the email chain once you have made a request. The email chain is your proof of reservation!
    • We typically need at least 48 hours to ensure permit and employee availability. We do not offer same-day bookings.

The evening of your fire...

  • We can start your bonfire as early as 5:30pm and cleanup is at 10:30pm. When you meet your bonfire provider on the beach, they will provide you with a contact phone number to call/text in the event you finish your bonfire before 10:30pm.
  • You MUST show up at your requested start time (established via email) because we cannot leave bonfires unattended on the beach. We often have more than one bonfire per night and need to be sure we get to everyone on time.
  • Dewey Beach Surf Shop is responsible for cleaning up the bonfire and the add-ons we provide. We are NOT responsible for cleaning up any mess made on the beach regarding trash, decorations, food, etc. If you leave a mess on the beach, we may reach out about additional fees.


Payment can be made right here on our website by visiting the link at the bottom of this screen! We ask for a deposit payment of $150 at the time of booking to secure your desired permit/date. We also recommend that you pay for all of your desired add-ons at the time of booking to ensure they will be available for your bonfire! 
We cannot take debit/credit card payments for bonfires at Dewey Beach Surf Shop. This is because Dewey Beach Surf Shop and Dewey Beach Surf Shop Bonfires are technically two separate business accounts. If you need to pay cash for your bonfire, you can do so at Dewey Beach Surf Shop, but in that case, we cannot provide a receipt. 


Need to cancel?

  • You have until noon the day before your bonfire to cancel and request a refund.
  • In the event of rain, we are happy to offer a refund or a reschedule! However, if you decide to proceed with your bonfire despite an "iffy" forecast and it ends up raining, we do not offer a refund. This is because we would have already provided our services to you.
  • We typically monitor the weather forecast in the days leading up to your bonfire and make any changes as necessary. Reschedules are fee free, but we cannot always guarantee the street you originally booked with (Dewey Beach only allows one bonfire per street per night).
  • Same day cancelation and/or no-shows will not receive a refund.
  • Dewey Beach Surf Shop and/or the Town of Dewey Beach reserves the right to cancel all bonfires at any time due to wind and/or weather.

ALL refunds no matter the circumstance take a service fee of at least 5%. This policy is non-negotiable.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book? We do all of our booking through email to help us keep an organized calendar.

What time is my bonfire? Bonfires can start as early as 5:30pm and cleanup is at 10:30pm. The Dewey Beach beach curfew is 11pm so all Bonfires must be extinguished and cleaned up by this time. You will establish your start time via your original email chain.

How do I book for today? Sorry! We do cannot provide same-day Bonfires. We need to ensure we have enough time to obtain the required permits and check on employee availability.

I'm here for a holiday. Can we book? We do not provide services on holidays or holiday weekends. This is due to lack of employee availability and major beach and highway crowding. Holidays include but are not limited to Memorial Day + Weekend, 4th of July + Weekend and Labor Day + Weekend.

I sent an email but I haven't heard back. Did you get my email? Please allow at least 48 hours for us to answer your email. If you do not hear back from us within 48 hours, please send us another email on the same email chain!

Can dogs come to my bonfire? Yes! So long as you clean up after them, dogs are allowed on the beach after 5pm but must have a Dewey Beach town license. 3 day, 8 day and lifetime licenses are available at Dewey Beach Town Hall. Dewey Beach Surf Shop is not responsible for any fines incurred should you disregard this policy.

Can I drink alcohol on the beach? Alcohol and glass containers are strictly prohibited on the beach between May 15 and September 15. Dewey Beach Surf Shop is not responsible for any fines incurred should you disregard this policy.

I'm hosting a bonfire and need to buy wood. Can I purchase wood from you? Wood is included in your bonfire booking but we do not sell firewood otherwise.

Live bands are not permitted on the beach, year around

Glass containers are not permitted on the beach, year around


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Please do not submit payments unless you have received email confirmation from us! Random payments will be refunded minus our service fee.