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Our beloved owner, Tyler Hudson, has been in a very serious accident. He is an irreplaceable father, son, boyfriend, friend, community member, business owner and so much more. Below is a collection of links that explain further what happened to Tyler and ways to help. Thank you in advance for your kindness and patience during this extremely difficult time. You can follow our Instagram and Facebook for updates.

Donations to Tyler and his family can be made at

What happened? "Local surf shop owner in serious moped accident, hit by drunk driver..." Click to read

Community support "Dewey community comes together to support Dewey Beach Surf Shop owner..." Click to read

What's going on at the shop "Dewey Beach Surf Shop owner recovering from crash injuries..." Click to read

How to help "Website created to help Tyler Hudson..." Click to read

Fundraising Update "Community raises over $47,000 for Dewey Beach Surf Shop owner..." Click to read

Photos from Cantina Fundraiser... Click to view

How to stay safe "Sharing the roads with mopeds and scooters..." Click to read

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