Collection: Board Rentals

Daily Rentals from Dewey Beach Surf Shop are first-come, first-served based on availability

  • A daily rental is considered 24 hours or open to close, whichever is easier for the customer
  • We have a limited amount of boards and therefore do not offer discounts for multiple days/boards booked
  • We do not provide car transport straps for surfboards, but we do have them for sale in our shop. We cannot attach your boards to your car for you

Just so you know...

Please be aware that surfing and skim boarding is not always allowed in Dewey Beach/within walking distance of our shop due to beach crowding and lifeguard rules. The closest surfing beach is on the North side of the Indian River Inlet Bridge. 

Surf Rentals - $40 per board per day

Dewey Beach Surf Shop rents 9 foot soft top surfboards with leashes attached. We do not rent fiberglass/epoxy boards as they are much easier to hurt yourself and others on/with. 

Skimboard Rentals - $30 per board per day

Our skimboard rentals vary in size. Proper sizing for riders varies due to height, weight and experience. 

Rental Policy

In order to rent a board, we require a valid ID and credit card to be present. You are welcome to pay cash or card for your rental, but we take photos your valid ID and credit card on our shop phone as collateral until you return your board. Your information is deleted from our phone upon returning your board! This is a non-negotiable policy.

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